About the VM-Series Firewall on Google Cloud Platform

Prepare to deploy a VM-Series firewall on a Google® Compute Engine instance.
VM-Series firewalls bring next-generation firewall features to the Google® Cloud Platform (GCP™).
To maximize performance, VM-Series firewalls on GCP support the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) libraries, which provide fast packet processing and improve network performance based on specific combinations of VM-Series firewall licenses and Google Cloud Platform virtual machine (VM) sizes.

Google Cloud Platform and the VM-Series Firewall

Learn about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the VM-Series firewall.
The VM-Series firewall integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows you to deploy the VM-Series firewall as a virtual machine (VM) running on a Google Compute Engine instance. This process is simplified when you Deploy the VM-Series Firewall from Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.
After you deploy the VM-Series firewall, you can configure the following optional services:

Minimum System Requirements for the VM-Series Firewall

Review the minimum system requirements for a VM-Series firewall on the Google Cloud Platform.
You must choose a VM-Series Firewall License for Public Clouds and a license method: bring-your-own-license (BYOL) or pay-as-you-go (PAYG). To deploy a VM-Series firewall on a Google Compute Engine instance, you must choose a machine type that supports the VM-Series System Requirements for your license.
Refer to the table below for the minimum recommended predefined standard machine types for each license. You can choose a higher performing machine type or you can create your own custom machine type if the resource requirements are compatible with your VM-Series firewall license.
A single Google Compute Engine instance supports up to eight network interfaces. If you want to configure eight interfaces, choose n1-standard-8 or a larger machine type.
Bundles 1 and 2
Recommended Predefined Machine Type
VM-100 Firewall
VM-200 Firewall
VM-300 Firewall
VM-1000-HV Firewall
VM-500 Firewall
VM-700 Firewall

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