Auto Scaling the VM-Series Firewall on Google Cloud Platform

Use templates to deploy the VM-Series Firewall to secure a GCP managed instance group. You can then configure Panorama to manage and maintain VM-Series firewalls.
The Panorama plugin for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) version 2.0.0 assists you in deploying the VM-Series firewall in GCP and enables Panorama to manage VM-Series firewalls securing VM monitoring or auto scaling deployments in GCP. Using Panorama for centralized policy and firewall management increases operational efficiency in managing and maintaining a distributed network of firewalls.
With Panorama maintaining your GCP managed instance groups you can create application enablement policies that protect and control the network.
The auto scaling deployment supports using a shared VPC network configuration or VPC network peering to create a common VPC network in which a host project contains shared VPC networks and the VM-Series firewalls, and a service project contains a vm-based or container-based application deployment (a Kubernetes cluster). Palo Alto networks supplies templates to help you deploy the VM-Series firewalls in the host project and deploy an optional sample application in the service project.
BYOL and PAYG licenses can be used for the VM-Series firewalls. During licensing, VM-Series firewall instances talk directly to the Palo Alto Networks license server.
If you choose BYOL your deployment can deactivate license instances in response to a scale-down event. If a VM-Series firewall’s deployment information is configured in the Panorama plugin for GCP and the firewall is automatically removed, Panorama detects the firewall status and automatically deregisters the firewall.

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