VM Monitoring with the Panorama Plugin for GCP

Google Cloud Platform plugin for Panorama overview.
The Panorama plugin for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) version 2.0.0 enables you to create a VM monitoring configuration that authenticates with a GCP project and monitors VM-Series firewalls and other VMs deployed within it. Once you establish a connection to your project, the plugin can retrieve IP-address-to-tag communication between Panorama and GCP assets. Tags can be predefined attributes, user-defined labels for VMs, and user-defined network tags (see Review and Create Tags).
The Panorama plugin for GCP retrieves the internal and external IP addresses from running VMs, and periodically retrieves IP-to-tag mappings from VMs in connected GCP VPCs.
You can use tags to organize VMs into dynamic address groups, and then reference your tags in Security policy rules that allow or deny traffic to specific VM IP addresses. To consistently enforce Security policy, you can then push rules to your VM-Series firewalls.

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