End-of-Life (EoL)
Use the following procedure to prepare the bootstrap package.
Prepare the Bootstrap Package
Create the top-level directory structure for the bootstrap package. On your local client or laptop, create the following folders: /config /license /software /content You can leave a folder empty, but you must have all four folders.
Add content within each folder. For an overview of the process, see Bootstrap Package. For details on the files in the /config folder, see Bootstrap Configuration Files.
/config 0008C100105-init-cfg.txt 0008C100107-init-cfg.txt bootstrap.xml /content panupv2-all-contents-488-2590 panup-all-antivirus-1494-1969 panup-all-wildfire-54746-61460 /software PanOS_vm-7.1.1 PanOS_vm-7.1.4 /license 0001A100105-authcodes 0001A100110-url3.key 0001A100110-threats.key 0001A100110-url3-wildfire.key
Create the bootstrap package. For VM-Series firewalls, create the image in the appropriate format for your hypervisor.

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