End-of-Life (EoL)
One or more instances of the VM-Series firewall can be deployed to secure east-west and/or north-south traffic on the network; virtual wire interfaces, Layer 2 interfaces, and Layer 3 interfaces are supported. To deploy the firewall, see Install the VM-Series Firewall on the SDX Server.
Once deployed the VM-Series firewall works harmoniously with the NetScaler VPX (if needed), which is a virtual NetScaler appliance deployed on the SDX server. The NetScaler VPX provides load balancing and traffic management functionality and is typically deployed in front of a server farm to facilitate efficient access to the servers. For a complete overview of NetScaler feature/functionality, refer to http:www.citrix.com/netscaler . When the VM-Series is paired to work with the NetScaler VPX, the complementary capabilities enhance your traffic management, load balancing, and application/network security needs.
This document assumes that you are familiar with the networking and configuration on the NetScaler VPX. In order to provide context for the terms used in this section, here is a brief refresher on the NetScaler owned IP addresses that are referred to in this document:
NetScaler IP address (NSIP): The NSIP is the IP address for management and general system access to the NetScaler itself, and for HA communication. Mapped IP address (MIP): A MIP is used for server-side connections. It is not the IP address of the NetScaler. In most cases, when the NetScaler receives a packet, it replaces the source IP address with a MIP before sending the packet to the server. With the servers abstracted from the clients, the NetScaler manages connections more efficiently. Virtual server IP address (VIP): A VIP is the IP address associated with a vserver. It is the public IP address to which clients connect. A NetScaler managing a wide range of traffic may have many VIPs configured. Subnet IP address (SNIP): When the NetScaler is attached to multiple subnets, SNIPs can be configured for use as MIPs providing access to those subnets. SNIPs may be bound to specific VLANs and interfaces.
For examples on deploying the VM-Series firewall and the NetScaler VPX together, see Supported Deployments—VM Series Firewall on Citrix SDX.

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