End-of-Life (EoL)
You can configure the management interface on the VM-Series firewall to use an IP address from a static IP pool or to be a DHCP client.
If you opt to use an IP pool, which is a range of (static) IP addresses that are reserved for establishing management access to the VM-Series firewalls, when the NSX Manager deploys a new VM-Series firewall, the first available IP address from this range is assigned to the management interface of the firewall.
Define an IP Address Pool
In the Networking & Security Inventory, select the NSX Manager, and double click to open the configuration details of the NSX Manager.
Select Manage > Grouping Objects > IP Pools.
Click Add IP Pool and specify the network access details requested in the screen including the range of static IP addresses that you want to use for the Palo Alto Networks NGFW.

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