End-of-Life (EoL)
Use Amazon Route 53 as the DNS service for your registered domain names.
Set up Route 53
Create a hosted zone(s) for a domain(s). Refer to the AWS documentation on Creating a Public Hosted Zone.
Add the resource record sets to route traffic to the domain(s). To create a resource record set in your hosted zone, refer to Working with Resource Record Sets. In this example, the record set resolves the desired domain to the Elastic IP Address on the NetScaler VPX that fronts the web servers in the VPC. It is a Type A IPv4 address that is the Elastic IP Address assigned to the VIP ( on the NetScaler VPX.
In a redundant configuration, configure the domain to resolve to every Elastic IP Address associated with a VIP on the NetScaler VPX. The Citrix NetScaler can host multiple applications on one IP address with Content Switching enabled.
Create a health check and associate it with a record set. Use Route 53 health checks to validate that the application is available for a given Availability Zone. If Route 53 detects a failure, such as an Availability Zone failure, NetScaler VPX failure, or failure of the web servers, it stops serving the associated ElasticIP Address via DNS resolution until the health check is successful.

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