End-of-Life (EoL)
The VM-Series and Azure Application Gateway template is a starter kit that you can use to deploy VM-Series firewalls to secure web workloads for internet-facing deployments on Microsoft Azure.
This template deploys two VM-Series firewalls between a pair of (external and internal) Azure load balancers. The external load balancer is an Azure Application Gateway, which is an HTTP (Layer 7) load balancer that also serves as the internet-facing gateway, which receives traffic and distributes it through the VM-Series firewall on to the internal load balancer. The internal load balancer is an Azure Load Balancer (Layer 4) that fronts a pair of web servers. The template supports the BYOL and the Azure Marketplace versions of the VM-Series firewall.
As demand on your web workloads increases and you increase capacity for the web server tier you can manually deploy additional VM-Series firewalls to secure your web server tier.

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