Upgrade the PAN-OS Software Version (Standalone Version)

Now that the VM-Series firewall has network connectivity and the base PAN-OS software is installed, consider upgrading to the latest version of PAN-OS. Use the following instructions for firewalls that are not deployed in a high availability (HA) configuration. For firewalls deployed in HA, refer to the PAN-OS 8.0 New Features Guide.To minimize downtime for your users, perform upgrades during non-business hours.
  1. Verify that enough hardware resources are available to the VM-Series firewall. Refer to the VM-Series System Requirements to see the new resource requirements for each VM-Series model. Allocate additional hardware resources before continuing the upgrade process. The process for assigning additional hardware resources differs on each hypervisor.
  2. From the web interface, navigate to DeviceLicenses and make sure you have the correct VM-Series firewall license and that the license is activated.
    On the VM-Series firewall standalone version, navigate to DeviceSupport and make sure that you have activated the support license.
  3. (Required for a firewall that is in production) Save a backup of the current configuration file.
    1. Select DeviceSetupOperations and click Export named configuration snapshot.
    2. Select the XML file that contains your running configuration (for example, running-config.xml) and click OK to export the configuration file.
    3. Save the exported file to a location external to the firewall. You can use this backup to restore the configuration if you have problems with the upgrade.
  4. Check the Release Notes to verify the Content Release version required for the PAN-OS version. The firewalls you plan to upgrade must be running the Content Release version required for the PAN-OS version.
    1. Select DeviceDynamic Updates.
    2. Check the Applications and Threats or Applications section to determine what update is currently running.
    3. If the firewall is not running the required update or later, click Check Now to retrieve a list of available updates.
    4. Locate the desired update and click Download.
    5. After the download completes, click Install.
  5. Upgrade the PAN-OS version on the VM-Series firewall.
    1. Select DeviceSoftware.
    2. Click Refresh to view the latest software release and also review the Release Notes to view a description of the changes in a release and to view the migration path to install the software.
    3. Click Download to retrieve the software then click Install.
  6. If you are upgrading from PAN-OS 7.1 to PAN-OS 8.0, transition your VM-Series firewall from a 40GB hard disk to a 60GB hard disk.
    1. On your hypervisor, attach a new 60GB hard drive to the VM-Series firewall. This new disk must be 60GB. The firewall will return an error if another value is assigned.
    2. Access the firewall CLI.
    3. Use the following CLI command to create a new disk partition to copy the data from the original system disk to the new system disk.
      > request system
      clone-system-disk target sdb
    4. Return to your hypervisor and power off the VM-Series firewall.
    5. Remove the original system disk.
    6. Power on the VM-Series firewall.

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