End-of-Life (EoL)

Troubleshoot License Activation Issues

Some of the most common issues with activating your license is covered in this section.
  • If you see an error that reads
    Failed to fetch licenses. Failed to get license info. Please try again later
    or a generic communications error message displays.
    Verify the following:
    • Can the firewall route traffic to the Palo Alto Networks server using a service route? By default, the firewall uses the management interface to access the server. If you plan on using a dataplane interface, make sure that you have set up a service route.
    • Is routing over the internet working? SSH into the firewall and ping an publicly accessible IP address such as Be sure to use the source option if you are using a dataplane interface. For example: ping count 3 source host
    • Is DNS set up correctly? SSH into the firewall and ping a DNS name such as google.com. For example:
  • If you see an error that reads Invalid Auth Code:
    Verify the following:
    • You have entered the auth code properly.
    • You have registered the auth code to your account on the support portal.
    • Your auth code has not reached the maximum provisioning capacity for the VM-Series firewalls.

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