HA Timers

High availability (HA) timers are used to detect a firewall failure and trigger a failover. To reduce the complexity in configuring HA timers, you can select from three profiles: Recommended, Aggressive, and Advanced. These profiles auto-populate the optimum HA timer values for the specific firewall platform to enable a speedier HA deployment.
Use the Recommended profile for typical failover timer settings and the Aggressive profile for faster failover timer settings. The Advanced profile allows you to customize the timer values to suit your network requirements.
HA Timer on the VM-Series on AWS
Default values for Recommended/Aggressive profiles
Promotion hold time
2000/500 ms
Hello interval
8000/8000 ms
Heartbeat interval
2000/1000 ms
Max number of flaps
Preemption hold time
1/1 min
Monitor fail hold up time
0/0 ms
Additional master hold up time
500/500 ms

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