End-of-Life (EoL)

Deploy the Solution Components for Highly Available Internet-Facing Applications on AWS

Use these high-level tasks to deploy the components listed in the Solution Overview—Secure Highly Available Internet-Facing Applications.
  • Create the VPC and add the subnets, security groups, internet gateway, and a route table. You will also create Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) and allocate Elastic IP Addresses for some instances in the VPC. Duplicate this set up in another Availability Zone for redundancy.
  • Deploy and configure four VM-Series firewalls in each Availability Zone—a pair of firewalls to secure the web farm, one to secure the RDS, and one firewall for outbound access from the VPC. The firewall that regulates outbound access to the internet also secures all the management traffic to and from the firewalls, servers, and services in the VPC. This use case focuses primarily on how to set up the firewalls for securing your internet-facing multi-tiered application(s). It also briefly covers the process of deploying and configuring the NetScaler VPX to load balance traffic across the VM-Series firewalls.

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