End-of-Life (EoL)

Install the VM-Series Firewall on KVM

The libvirt API that is used to manage KVM includes a host of tools that allow you to create and manage virtual machines. To install the VM-Series firewall on KVM you can use any of the following methods:
  • Manually create the XML definition of the VM-Series firewall, then use virsh to import the definition. Virsh is the most powerful tool that allows for full administration of the virtual machine.
  • Use virt-install to create the definition for the VM-Series firewall and install it.
  • Use the desktop user interface called virt-manager; virt-manager provides a convenient wizard to help you through the installation process.
The following procedure uses virt-manager to install the VM-Series firewall on a server running KVM on RHEL; the instructions for using virsh or virt-install are not included in this document.
If you are deploying several VM-Series firewalls and want to automate the initial configuration on the firewall, see Use an ISO File to Deploy the VM-Series Firewall.

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