End-of-Life (EoL)

Service Template

The service template defines the parameters of the service instance, such as the software image, virtual machine flavor, service type, and interfaces. Service templates are configured within the scope of a domain and can be used on all projects within the specified domain.
Service Template (ST Config)
The name of the service template.
The service template version. The default value is 2. Do not change this parameter because service template version 2 is required to support port tuples.
Service mode is the network mode used by the VM-Series firewall service instance. For the L3 network template, the default value is in-network. For the virtual wire template, the default value is transparent.
The type of service being deployed by the template. The default value is firewall and should not be changed when deploying the VM-Series firewall.
This parameter specifies the VM-Series base image used by the Heat template when deploying the VM-Series firewall. Edit this parameter to match the name of the VM-Series firewall image uploaded to your OpenStack environment.
This parameter defines the hardware resources allocated to the VM-Series firewall. The default value is m1.large.
S_Tmp_interface_type_mgmt S_Tmp_interface_type_left S_Tmp_interface_type_right
The parameters define the interface type for management, left, and right interfaces.
The domain where this service template is tied to. The default value is default-domain.

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