End-of-Life (EoL)

Deploy the VM-Series Firewall

After registering the VM-Series firewall as a service (Palo Alto Networks NGFW) on the NSX Manager and creating security groups and steering rules, complete the following tasks on the NSX Manager.
Support for vMotion of guest virtual machines in the vSphere/NSX Environment
When a guest VM is vMotioned from one host to another within a cluster, the target host NSX distributed firewall will steer all new sessions to the VM-Series firewall on the destination host. To ensure that all active (existing sessions) remain uninterrupted during and after the guest vMotion, the NSX Manager polls the VM-Series firewall for existing allowed sessions and then shares these sessions with the NSX distributed firewall on the destination host. All existing sessions that were allowed by the original VM-Series will be allowed  by the NSX distributed firewall (filtering module) on the destination host without steering to the target host VM-Series firewall to prevent session loss.
The VM-Series firewall runs as a service on each host of the cluster and therefore is never vMotioned.

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