End-of-Life (EoL)

VM-Series Firewall on Alibaba Cloud

Learn about the VM-Series firewall deployment on the Alibaba cloud.
You can deploy the VM-Series firewall to secure north-south traffic, and east-west traffic for applications deployed across VPCs on Alibaba Cloud.
This release supports the bring your own license  (BYOL) and the VM-Series ELA on Alibaba Cloud International Regions and Mainland China. The VM-Series firewall on Alibaba Cloud runs on KVM and supports up to 8 network interfaces when you select an Alibaba Cloud instance with sufficient resources. See Minimum System Requirements for the VM-Series Firewall on Alibaba Cloud.
PAYG licensing and the ability to bootstrap the VM-Series firewall on Alibaba Cloud are not currently supported. Securing east-west traffic within the same VPC is not supported because Alibaba Cloud does not support subnet routing.

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