Change a Firewall License Bundle or Version in an AWS Auto Scale Deployment (v2.1)

Learn how to change a firewall license bundle in an AWS Auto Scale Deployment.
You can switch a firewall license from BYOL to PAYG and vice versa, switch from one PAYG bundle to another, or change the PAN-OS version on your firewall.
Because the VM-Series Auto Scaling Template for AWS version 2.1 supports multiple Availability Zones, the templates create a single Auto Scaling Group (ASG). The template includes a Launch Template to update and version the templates, and create and update the ASG. These changes require you to know the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) ID for the target resource. See Look Up the AMI ID.
  1. Navigate to Launch TemplatesCreate Launch TemplateCreate a New Version of the Launch Template.
    1. For the Cloud Formation source template, select the template created when the templates were deployed.
    2. Specify an AMI ID corresponding to a different PAN-OS version. The storage, instance type, and advanced details should be the same as in the source template.
  2. To make the new launch template the default version, go to Launch TemplateActionsSet Default Version.
  3. Manually delete an EC2 instance and wait until a new one boots up. The new instance uses the newly specified AMI ID in your launch template version.
    You must wait until the instance boots up before deleting another. To avoid disrupting traffic, there must be at least one instance running.

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