Enable Azure Application Insights on the VM-Series Firewall

Publish firewall performance metrics to Application Insights.
The VM-Series firewall on Azure can publish custom PAN-OS metrics natively to Azure Application Insights that you can use to monitor the firewalls directly from the Azure portal. These metrics allow you to assess performance and usage patterns that you can use to set alarms and take action to automate events such as launching or terminating instances of the VM-Series firewalls. See Custom PAN-OS Metrics Published for Monitoringfor a description on the metrics that are available.
  1. On the Azure portal, create your Application Insights instanceto monitor the firewall and copy the Instrumention Key from ConfigureProperties.
    The firewall needs this key to authenticate to the Application Insights instance and publish metrics to it.
  2. Enable the firewall to publish metrics to your Application Insights instance.
    1. Log in to the VM-Series firewall on Azure.
    2. Select DeviceSetupOperations.
    3. Edit Azure Application Insights and enter the Instrumentation Key you copied earlier.
      The default interval for publishing metics is five minutes. You can change this to vary from 1-60 minutes.
    4. Commit your changes.
      The firewall generates a system log to it record the success or failure to authenticate to Azure Application Insights.
  3. Verify that you can view the metrics on the Azure Application Insights dashboard.
    1. On the Azure portal. select the Application insights instance, and select OverviewMetrics Explorer to view the PAN-OS custom metrics.
    2. Select the metric(s) that you want to monitor for trends and trigger alerts. Refer to the Microsoft Azure documentation for details on exploring metrics on Application Insights.

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