Use Custom Templates or the gcloud CLI to Deploy the VM-Series Firewall

Learn how to call the Google Marketplace images when you are using the
CLI or custom templates you write yourself.
The official VM-Series images published on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace are available in the
project. You need to know the secure path to these images if you want to call them from the
command line, or refer to them in a template you have written or adapted.
  • BYOL: vmseries-byol-
  • PAYG Bundle 1: vmseries-bundle1-
  • PAYG Bundle 2: vmseries-bundle2-
Use the gcloud CLI to find the current image names and project:
gcloud compute images list --project paloaltonetworksgcp-public --no-standard-images
NAME PROJECT FAMILY DEPRECATED STATUS vmseries-bundle1-810 paloaltonetworksgcp-public READY vmseries-bundle2-810 paloaltonetworksgcp-public READY vmseries-byol-810 paloaltonetworksgcp-public READY
Add the
flag to see the image paths:
gcloud compute images list --project paloaltonetworksgcp-public --no-standard-images --uri
For an example, download the gcp-two-tier template from
This template separates the image name (which includes the PAN-OS version) from the URL path. In
variable expects the image name; for example:
uses the values of
to build the path.

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