Register the VM-Series Firewall with a CSSP Auth Code

To activate the license on your VM-Series firewall, you must have deployed the VM-Series firewall and completed initial configuration. As a CSSP partner, you can choose from the following options to register a firewall:
  • API—Use the Licensing API if you have a custom script or an orchestration service. With this option, the firewall does not need direct internet access.
  • Bootstrap—Use this option to automatically configure the firewall and license it on first boot. See Bootstrap the VM-Series Firewall.
  • Firewall web interface—You can Activate the License for the VM-Series Firewall (Standalone Version) using the firewall web interface. This workflow is valid for firewalls with or without internet access.
  • Customer Support Portal—Use this option to manually register the firewall on the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support portal, as shown below.
  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support website with your account credentials. If you need a new account, see Create a Support Account.
  2. Select
    Order History
    , to view the list of auth codes registered to your support account.
  3. Select
    VM Provisioning Auth Codes
    , select an
    Authorization Code
    and click
    Register VM
  4. Enter the
    of the VM instance and click
    . The portal will generate a serial number for the firewall.
    You can track the number of VM-Series firewalls that have been deployed and the number of licenses that are still available for use against each auth code. To view all the total number of firewalls registered against a specific auth code, select
    VM Provisioning Auth Codes
    , then select an
    Authorization Code
    and click
    Provisioned Devices

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