Serial Number and CPU ID Format for the VM-Series Firewall

When you launch an instance of the VM-Series firewall, each instance of the firewall is uniquely identified using the CPU ID and serial number of the firewall. The format of the CPU ID and the serial number include information on the hypervisor and the license type for each instance of the VM-Series firewall.
  • With the usage-based licensing model of the VM-Series firewalls, at launch the firewall generates a serial number and CPU ID, and you use these details to Register the Usage-Based Model of the VM-Series Firewall in AWS and Azure (no auth code).
  • With the BYOL model, you must Register the VM-Series Firewall (with auth code) on the Customer Support portal (CSP). For a firewall with direct internet access, you can apply the auth code on the firewall to generate a license file that includes the serial number. For a firewall that is offline, you must use the CSP to input the CPU ID, UUID, and the auth code to generate a license file that includes the serial number and install the license on the firewall.
License Type
Serial Number
15 digits, all numeric
Example: 0071 51 345678909
Example: ESX:12345678
15 digits, alphanumeric
Example: AWSMP:1234567890abcdef0:6kxdw3bbmdeda3o6i1ggqt4km:us-west1

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