Licensing API

To successfully license firewalls that do not have direct internet access, Palo Alto Networks provides a licensing API. You can use this API with a custom script or an orchestration service to register auth codes, retrieve licenses attached to an auth code, renew licenses, and to deactivate all licenses on a VM-Series firewall (Deactivate VM).
The API also allows you to view the details of an auth code so that you can track the number of unused licenses attached to an auth-code or auth-code bundle that enables you to license more than one instance of the firewall. An auth-code bundle includes the VM-Series model, subscriptions and support in a single, easy to order format; you can use this bundle multiple times to license VM-Series firewalls as you deploy them.
To use the API, each support account is assigned a unique key. Each API call is a POST request, and the request must include the API key to authenticate the request to the licensing server. When authenticated, the licensing server sends the response in json (content-type application/json).

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