Accept the VM-Series ELA

If you have a VM ELA, you can share the contract with other administrators in your enterprise and invite them to share the license token pool.
If your enterprise has purchased a VM-Series ELA, your ELA administrator can invite you to share the contract and share the license token pool so that you have access to VM-Series firewall auth codes which enable you to deploy VM-Series firewalls on demand. When you receive a grant for access to the VM-Series ELA, you get an email notification that includes a link to log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP) and you must agree and accept the terms of use. After you accept the ELA terms of use, the ELA administrator can allocate which VM-Series firewall models and how many you are entitled to use; the corresponding number of VM-Series ELA tokens are deposited in your account.
  1. Check your email inbox for the grant notification.
    The notification includes the email address of the ELA administrator who has invited you to share the VM-Series ELA.
  2. Accept the grant.
    You must review the terms and accept the EULA and the support agreement before the ELA admin can allocate tokens which enable you to deploy VM-Series firewalls.
    1. Log in to the Palo Alto CSP.
    2. Select
      VM-Series Auth Codes
      Review Tokens Grant
      You must Agree and Accept the EULA and support agreement to accept the grant. If you reject it, the ELA Admin who gave you the grant receives an email notification that you declined the grant. Do make sure to let the ELA administrator know that you have accepted the grant so that you he/she can allocate the VM-Series firewall models and quantity that you can deploy.
      If you belong to multiple accounts on the CSP and accidentally accept the grant in to the wrong account, you must request the ELA administrator to resend the grant to you. Do not start using the auth code to provision firewalls until you accept the grant in the correct account.
  3. Verify which VM-Series models and how many are allocated for you.
    After the ELA administrator allocates the VM-Series firewall models and number of instances you can provision, you can select
    VM-Series Auth Codes
    to view which models and how many of each are allocated for you. For example, the grant in the following screenshot displays the auth codes that enable you to deploy 10 instances each of the VM-50 and the VM-500.
    As you deploy firewalls and register them to the CSP, the number of provisioned firewalls is incremented. The
    Quantity of VM Provisioned
    displays the ratio of provisioned to total available for each model.

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