Deploy the VM-Series Firewall on Cisco CSP

Complete the following procedure to deploy the VM-Series firewall on Cisco CSP.
  1. Download the VM-Series qcow2 base image file from the Customer Support Portal.
  2. Create a bootstrap ISO file for the VM-Series firewall.
    1. Create a Bootstrap Package for your VM-Series firewall.
    2. Create an ISO file containing the bootstrap package using your preferred tool.
  3. Log in to the Cisco CSP web interface.
  4. Upload the VM-Series firewall qcow2 image and ISO file.
    1. Select
    2. Click the plus (+) icon.
    3. Click
      and navigate to your qcow2 file.
    4. Click
    5. Click
      and navigate to your ISO file.
    6. Click
  5. Create the VM-Series firewall service.
    1. Enter a descriptive
      for the VM-Series firewall.
    2. Select the
      Target Host Name
      from the drop-down.
    3. Select the qcow2 file you uploaded from the
      Image Name
    4. Select the Day Zero Config.
      1. Click the
        Day Zero Config
        plus (+) icon.
      2. Select the bootstrap ISO file from the
        Source File Name
      3. Click
    5. Allocate the number of cores and memory required for your VM-Series firewall model.
    6. Add enough vNICs to support the number of VM-Series interfaces configured in your bootstrap ISO file.
    See the Cisco Cloud Service Platform documentation for more information about creating and deploying a service instance.
  6. After the bootstrap process is complete, log in to your VM-Series firewall using the management IP address your specified in the bootstrap ISO file.
    The firewall should be up and configure based on the parameters you defined in the bootstrap package.

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