Learn about new VM-Series firewall features and capabilities that are delivered outside of the PAN-OS software release cycle.

2019 Releases

Month Release Supported On Description
August VMware vCenter plugin 1.0.0 Panorama The Panorama plugin for VMware vCenter allows Panorama to learn about changes to the VMs in your environment and use the information to create dynamic address groups and consistently enforce security policy.
July VM-Series firewall on AWS China Marketplace AWS The VM-Series BYOL AMI for PAN-OS 9.0 is available on the AWS China Marketplace for AWS China (Beijing) Region and AWS China (Ningxia) regions.
July Azure plugin 2.0.0 Panorama The Panorama plugin for Azure v2.0.0 adds support for securing your workloads—VMs and containers—deployed within your Azure VNets.
To deploy an auto scaling tier of VM-Series firewalls, you need the templates that deploy the hub and spoke architecture that enable you to secure inbound and outbound traffic from VMs within your Azure environment. And to secure Kubernetes services running on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Clusters within a Azure VNet, use these templates. Panorama and the Azure plugin enable you to communicate with the Azure environment and configure the firewalls to secure the VMs and container workloads.
July VMware NSX plugin 3.0.0 Panorama Supports NSX-T. Attach the VM-Series firewall to Tier-0 and Tier-1 routers in your NSX-T data center and secure north-south traffic.
June VMware NSX plugin 2.0.5 Panorama For deploying the VM-Series firewall on NSX, VMware NSX plugin version 2.0.5 has bug fixes and usability enhancements.
June Support for VM-Series on Cisco Cloud Services Platform Partner Integration To secure your data center, regional hub, and colocation Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployments where you have the Cisco CSP 2100 and 5400 models, use the KVM (qcow2) image of the VM-Series firewalls as a network virtual service.
June Support for Cisco ENCS on PAN-OS 9.0.2 Partner Integration on Cisco ENCS VM-Series firewalls running PAN-OS 9.0.2 or later can be deployed as a VNF on the supported Cisco ENCS models.
May AWS China Ningxia region for VM-Series on AWS AWS PAN-OS 9.0 is available as a shared AMI on AWS China Ningxia region.
May Support for Nutanix 5.10 on Panorama 9.0 Integrations Panorama 9.0 is officially qualified to manage VM-Series firewalls running supported versions of AHV.

VM-Series Auto Scale Templates for AWS - Version 2.1

AWS For auto scaling the VM-Series firewalls with the ELB service, version 2.1 adds support for more combinations for deploying the AWS ALB and NLB as external and internal load balancers.  Panorama is required for managing the auto scaling firewalls, and your firewalls can run PAN-OS 8.1 or PAN-OS 9.0. The templates in this version extend support for brownfield (existing VPC and applications) use cases, in addition to greenfield (new VPC and applications) deployments. 
March AWS Europe (Stockholm) region for VM-Series on AWS  AWS VM-Series firewall is available for Sweden in the Europe (Stockholm) region. You can deploy the firewall with PAN-OS 9.0 on C5/M5 instance types.
March Support for Nuage Networks Integrations VM-Series firewalls interoperate with Nuage Networks. 
March Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI Panorama for the Cisco ACI integration The Panorama plugin for Cisco ACI allows you to poll your Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) cluster and learn about changes to the endpoints in your Cisco ACI clusters so that you can dynamically enforce security policy for these endpoints using dynamic address groups.  
March Support for Alibaba Cloud Alibaba Cloud VM-Series firewall  versions 8.1.3 and 9.0 are available on Alibaba cloud in the International and Mainland China regions. 
March Support for Azure DoD regions Azure VM-Series firewalls are now available on the Azure DoD marketplace. The Azure DoD regions meet the security requirements for DoD Impact Level 5 data and FedRAMP High standards.  
February VMware NSX plugin 2.0.4 VMware NSX Stability enhancements, and the ability to periodically synchronize objects in Dynamic Address Groups between Panorama and the NSX Manager.
January Support for VMWare ESXi 6.7  VMWare ESXi VM-Series firewalls running PAN-OS 8.0 and 8.1 are supported on VMWare ESXi 6.7.
January Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) OCI VM-Series firewalls are now available for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You can protect and segment your workloads, prevent threats and improve visibility into your applications as you move to OCI.
January Suppport for OpenStack Newton OpenStack VM-Series firewalls running PAN-OS 8.0 and 8.1 are supported on OpenStack 10.

2018 Releases

Month Release Supported On Description
December  Support for Versa Networks Integrations VM-Series firewalls interoperate with Versa Networks.
December  Multi-Model VM-Series ELA  _ VM-Series Enterprise License Agreenent (VM-Series ELA) is a 1 or 3 year licensing agreement for VM-Series firewalls. The multi-model VM-Series ELA provides simplified license management with a single contract that allows you to deploy any model of the VM-Series firewall.
November  Cisco ENCS Cisco ENCS The next generation firewall can safely enable applications and protect your branch or remote offices, users and network from threats when you deploy the VM-Series firewall to your Cisco ENCS deployment.
November  Support for CentOS 7.5 KVM CentOS 7.5 is supported on the VM-Series firewall on KVM running PAN-OS 8.1.3.
November  AWS Custom AMI and Encrypted EBS Volumes AWS A custom VM-Series AMI gives you the consistency and flexibility with the PAN-OS version you want instead of being restricted to the AMI deployed on AWS public or GovCloud marketplaces.
November  VMware NSX plugin version 2.0.3 VMWare NSX Stability improvements.
October  Secure Kubernetes Services in a Google Kubernetes Engine Cluster GCP The Panorama plugin for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables you to deploy and manage VM-Series firewalls that secure services running in your GKE cluster.
October  VM-Series on Azure Stack Azure The VM-Series firewall on Azure Stack enables you to secure inter-subnet traffic between applications and outbound traffic from your servers.
October  Support for Texas Region on Azure Government  Azure With PAN-OS 8.1, the VM-Series firewall is supported on the Texas region on Azure Government.
September  VM Monitoring on Azure Azure VM Monitoring enables you to enforce Security policy across all assets on Azure using the Azure plug-in in Panorama or the community support script found on GitHub.
September   Azure Transit VNet with Autoscaling (community supported) Azure  The Azure Transit VNet with the VM-Series deploys a hub and spoke architecture to centralize commonly used services such as security and secure connectivity. The Azure Transit VNet 1.1 introduces support for auto scaling VM-Series firewalls using Azure VM Scale Sets in the spoke, and bootstrapping the firewalls in the hub and the spoke.
September  PAYG License on Azure Government Azure  Support for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) licenses for VM-Series Firewalls on Azure Government.
September  VM Monitoring on AWS AWS The new Panorama plugin for AWS  enables you to monitor the EC2 instances in your large-scale AWS deployment. This capability allows you to choose the Panorama plugin or already available VM Information Sources on the firewall to monitor your AWS workloads.
September  Support for VM-Series firewalls with Juniper, VeloCloud, and Nutanix


VM-Series firewalls interoperate with the following partners: 
  • Juniper NFX Network Services Platform
  • NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud
  • Nutanix