Manually Upload Files to the WildFire Portal

All Palo Alto Networks customers with a support account can use the Palo Alto Networks WildFire portal to manually submit up to five samples a day for WildFire analysis. If you have a WildFire subscription, you can manually submit samples to the portal as part of your 1000 sample uploads daily limit; however, keep in mind that the 1000 sample daily limit also includes WildFire API submissions.
  1. Manually upload files or URLs to the WildFire portal for analysis.
    1. Log in to the WildFire Portal.
    2. Click
      Upload Sample
      on the menu bar.
      • To submit files for analysis, select
        File Upload
        the files you want to submit for WildFire analysis.Click
        to begin WildFire analysis of a single file, or click
        Start Upload
        to submit all the files you added for WildFire analysis.
      • To submit a URL for analysis, click
        URL Upload
        , enter a URL, and
        for WildFire analysis.
    3. Close the
      Uploaded File Information
  2. View the WildFire verdict and analysis results for the file.
    Please wait at least five minutes for WildFire to analyze the sample.
    Because a manual upload is not associated with a specific firewall, manual uploads do not show session information in the reports.
    1. Return to the WildFire Portal dashboard.
    2. In the Previous 1 Hour section, select
      under the source column to view analysis information for the latest manually-submitted samples.
    3. Find the files or URLs you uploaded and click the detail icon to the left of the Received Time.

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