Monitor a WildFire Cluster

You can check the operational status of your WildFire cluster using the CLI or Panorama. This allows you to verify that the applications and services running on a given node is functioning correctly. For a WildFire cluster to run correctly, the appropriate services and applications must be active on each node, and the status for each must be in the healthy state. Clusters operating outside these parameters might not run under optimal conditions or might indicate other problems and configuration issues.
The CLI displays information that is not available from Panorama. It’s highly recommended to use the WildFire CLI when troubleshooting cluster-related issues.
You can view the current status of a WildFire controller node by executing a series of show commands from the WildFire CLI. The commands display configuration details, the current applications and services running on the appliance, as well as status/error messages. You can then use these details to determine the status of your cluster. Viewing the status does not interrupt any WildFire services and can be run at any time.
See the following sections for details on monitoring your WildFire appliance:

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