Benefits of Managing WildFire Clusters Using Panorama

If you manage WildFire appliance clusters with Panorama, you can configure two Panorama M-Series or virtual appliances as an HA pair to provide management redundancy. If you don’t configure redundant Panorama appliances and the Panorama fails, then you can still manage clusters locally from a controller node.
If you are using a Panorama HA pair to manage the cluster and one Panorama fails, the other Panorama appliance takes over management of the cluster. If a Panorama HA peer fails, restore service from the failed Panorama peer as soon as possible to restore management HA.
Providing analysis, storage, and centralized management HA requires at least two WildFire appliances configured as cluster controller and controller backup nodes, and two Panorama M-Series or virtual appliances.
Firewalls receive a registration list that contains all of the WildFire appliances that are members of the cluster. Firewalls can register with any node in the cluster and the cluster automatically balances the load among its nodes.

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