End-of-Life (EoL)
Samples that firewalls submit for WildFire analysis are displayed as entries in the WildFire Submissions log on the firewall web interface. For each WildFire entry, you can open an expanded log view which displays log details and the WildFire analysis report for the sample.
Monitor WildFire Submissions and Reports
Forward Files for WildFire Analysis.
Configure WildFire Submissions Log Settings.
To view samples submitted by a firewall to a WildFire public, private, or hybrid cloud, select Monitor > WildFire Submissions. When WildFire analysis of a sample is complete, the results are sent back to the firewall that submitted the sample and are accessible in the WildFire Submissions logs. The Verdict column indicates whether the sample is benign, malicious, or grayware.
For any entry, select the Log Details icon to open a detailed log view for each entry:
The detailed log view displays Log Info and the WildFire Analysis Report for the entry. If the firewall has packet captures (PCAPs) enabled, the sample PCAPs are also displayed.
For all samples, the WildFire analysis report displays file and session details. For malware samples, the WildFire analysis report is extended to include details on the file attributes and behavior that indicated the file was malicious.
(Optional) Download PDF of the WildFire Analysis Report.

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