End-of-Life (EoL)
Use the following workflow to upgrade the WF-500 appliance operating system. The appliance can only use one environment at a time to analyze samples, so after upgrading the appliance, review the list of available VM images and then choose the image that best fits your environment. In the case of Windows 7, if your environment has a mix of Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit systems, it is recommended that you choose the Windows 7 64-bit image, so WildFire will analyze both 32-bit and 64-bit PE files. Although you configure the appliance to use one virtual machine image configuration, the appliance uses multiple instances of the image to perform file analyses.
Upgrade the WF-500 Appliance to PAN-OS 7.1
Download the 7.1 software version to the WF-500 appliance. You cannot skip any major release versions when upgrading the WF-500 appliance. For example, if you want to upgrade from PAN-OS 6.1 to PAN-OS 7.1, you must first install PAN-OS 7.0. The WF-500 appliance does not support PAN-OS 7.1.1. However, if you’d like to upgrade connected firewalls to PAN-OS 7.1.1, you can continue to do so after upgrading the WF-500 appliance to PAN-OS 7.1.0. Log in to the WF-500 appliance and download the 7.1.0 software version: admin@WF-500> request system software download version 7.1.0 To check the status of the download, use the following command: admin@WF-500> show jobs all
Install the 7.1 software version on the WF-500 appliance. Install the WF-500 appliance operating system image (downloaded in Step 1) by running the following command: admin@WF-500> request system software install version 7.1.0
Confirm that the installation was successful. Confirm that the upgrade is complete. Run the following command and look for the job type Install and status FIN : admin@WF-500> show jobs all Enqueued ID Type Status Result Completed ---------------------------------------------------------- 2015/05/15 10:38:48 2 Downld FIN OK 10:39:08 Restart the appliance: admin@WF-500> request restart system Verify that the sw-version field shows 7.1: admin@WF-500> show system info | match sw-version
(Optional) Enable the Windows 7 64-bit sandbox environment. View the active virtual machine image by running the following command and refer to the Selected VM field : admin@WF-500> show wildfire status View a list of available virtual machines images: admin@WF-500> show wildfire vm-images The following output shows that vm-5 is the Windows 7 64-bit image: vm-5 Windows 7 64bit, Adobe Reader 11, Flash 11, Office 2010. Support PE, PDF, Office 2010 and earlier Select the image to be used for analysis: admin@WF-500# set deviceconfig setting wildfire active-vm <vm-image-number> For example, to use vm-5, run the following command: admin@WF-500# set deviceconfig setting wildfire active-vm vm-5 Commit the configuration: admin@WF-500# commit
Upgrade the firewalls connected to the appliance. Upgrade firewalls to PAN-OS 7.1 and continue to Forward Files for WildFire Analysis.

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