End-of-Life (EoL)
File forwarding capacity is the maximum rate per minute at which each Palo Alto Networks firewall platform can submit files to the WildFire cloud or a WF-500 appliance for analysis. If the firewall reaches the per-minute limit, it queues any remaining samples.
The Reserved Drive Space column in the following table lists the amount of drive space on the firewall that is reserved for queuing files. If the firewall reaches the drive space limit, it cancels forwarding of new files to WildFire until more space in the queue is available.
The speed at which the firewall can forward files to WildFire also depends on the bandwidth of the upload link to the WildFire systems.
Platform Maximum Files Per Minute Reserved Drive Space
VM-100 5 100MB
VM-200 10 200MB
VM-300 20 200MB
PA-200 5 100MB
PA-500 10 200MB
PA-2000 Series 20 200MB
PA-3020 50 200MB
PA-3050/3060 50 500MB
PA-4020 20 200MB
PA-4050/4060 50 500MB
PA-5000 Series 50 500MB
PA-7000 Series 100 1GB

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