End-of-Life (EoL)
Use ? (or Meta-H) to display a list of command options, based on context:
To display a list of operational commands, enter ? at the command prompt.
username@hostname> ?
clear Clear runtime parameters
configure Manipulate software configuration information
debug Debug and diagnose
exit Exit this session
grep Searches file for lines containing a pattern match
less Examine debug file content
ping Ping hosts and networks
quit Exit this session
request Make system-level requests
scp Use ssh to copy file to another host
set Set operational parameters
show Show operational parameters
ssh Start a secure shell to another host
tail Print the last 10 lines of debug file content
To display the available options for a specified command, enter the command followed by ?.
username@hostname> ping ?
+ bypass-routing Bypass routing table, use specified interface
+ count Number of requests to send (1..2000000000 packets)
+ do-not-fragment Don't fragment echo request packets (IPv4)
+ inet Force to IPv4 destination
+ interface Source interface (multicast, all-ones, unrouted packets)
+ interval Delay between requests (seconds)
+ no-resolve Don't attempt to print addresses symbolically
+ pattern Hexadecimal fill pattern
+ record-route Record and report packet's path (IPv4)
+ size Size of request packets (0..65468 bytes)
+ source Source address of echo request
+ tos IP type-of-service value (0..255)
+ ttl IP time-to-live value (IPv6 hop-limit value) (0..255 hops)
+ verbose Display detailed output
+ wait Delay after sending last packet (seconds)
<host> Hostname or IP address of remote host

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