End-of-Life (EoL)
Modify an API key name or the key status (enabled/disabled) on a WF-500 appliance.
edit {
wildfire {
api-key [name | status] key <value>;
+ name —Change the name of an API key
+ status —Enable or disable an API key
* key —Specify the key to modify
Sample Output
The key value in this command is required. For example, to change the name of a key named stu to stu-key1, enter the following command:
In the following command, you do not need to enter the old key name; only enter the new key name.
admin@WF-500> edit wildfire api-key name stu-key1 key <API KEY>
To change the status of stu-key1 to disabled, enter the following command:
admin@WF-500> edit wildfire api-key status disable key <API KEY>
Example output that shows that stu-key1 is disabled:
admin@WF-500> show wildfire api-keys all
+------------------------------------------------------------------+----------+----------+---------------------Apikey | Name | Status | Create Time | Last Used Time |
<API KEY> | stu-key1 | Disabled | 2014-08-21 07:23:34|
Required Privilege Level
superuser, deviceadmin

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