Display WildFire Appliance Software CLI Command Options

Use ? (or Meta-H) to display a list of command options, based on context:
  • To display a list of operational commands, enter ? at the command prompt.
username@hostname> ? 
clear        Clear runtime parameters 
  configure    Manipulate software configuration information 
  create       create commands 
  debug        Debug and diagnose 
  delete       Remove files from hard disk 
  disable      disable commands 
  edit         edit commands 
  exit         Exit this session 
  find         Find CLI commands with keyword 
  grep         Searches file for lines containing a pattern match 
  less         Examine debug file content 
  ping         Ping hosts and networks 
  quit         Exit this session 
  request      Make system-level requests 
  scp          Use scp to import / export files 
  set          Set operational parameters 
  show         Show operational parameters 
  ssh          Start a secure shell to another host 
  submit       submit commands 
  tail         Print the last 10 lines of debug file content 
  telnet       Start a telnet session to another host 
  test         verify system settings with test cases 
  tftp         Use tftp to import / export files 
  traceroute   Print the route packets take to network host 
  • To display the available options for a specified command, enter the command followed by ?.
username@hostname> ping ? 
+ bypass-routing    Bypass routing table, use specified interface 
+ count             Number of requests to send (1..2000000000 packets) 
+ do-not-fragment   Don't fragment echo request packets (IPv4) 
+ interval          Delay between requests (seconds) 
+ no-resolve        Don't attempt to print addresses symbolically 
+ pattern           Hexadecimal fill pattern 
+ size              Size of request packets (0..65468 bytes) 
+ source            Source address of echo request 
+ tos               IP type-of-service value (0..255) 
+ ttl               IP time-to-live value (IPv6 hop-limit value) (0..255 hops) 
+ verbose           Display detailed output 
* host              Hostname or IP address of remote host 

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