set deviceconfig system eth2


Configure the eth2 interface.

Hierarchy Location

set deviceconfig system


eth2 { 
default-gateway <ip-address>;  
ip-address <ip-address>; 
mtu <value>; 
netmask <ip-netmask>; 
speed-duplex {100Mbps-full-duplex | 100Mbps-half-duplex | 10Mbps-full-duplex | 10Mbps-half-duplex | 1Gbps-full-duplex | 1Gbps-half-duplex | auto-negotiate}; 
permitted-ip <ip-address/netmask>; 
service disable-icmp {no | yes}; 


+ default-gateway — IP address of the default gateway for the eth2 interface.
+ ip-address — IP address for the eth2 interface.
+ mtu — Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) for the eth2 interface.
+ netmask — Netmask for the eth2 interface.
+ speed-duplex — Interface speed (10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, or autonegotiate) and duplex mode (full or half) for the eth2 interface.
> permitted-ip — IP addresses allowed to access the eth2 interface. If you specify a netmask with the IP address, the netmask must be in slash notation. For example, to specify a Class C address, enter: (not
> service-disable — Disable ICMP for the eth2 interface.

Sample Output

admin@wf-500(active-controller)# show deviceconfig system eth2 
eth2 { 
    service { 
      disable-icmp no; 
    speed-duplex auto-negotiate; 
    mtu 1500; 

Required Privilege Level

superuser, deviceadmin

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