delete wildfire api-key


Delete an API key from the WildFire appliance. Systems configured to use the API to perform API functions on the appliance will no longer be able to access the appliance after you delete the key.


delete { 
wildfire { 
api-key { 
key <value>; 


+ key <value> — The key value for the key that you want to delete. To view a list of API keys, run the following command:
admin@WF-500> show wildfire global api-keys all

Sample Output

admin@WF-500> delete wildfire api-key key A0418F8EADABA4C78CD3106D71147321462C5AA085B2979136447B1EC334655A 
APIKey A0418F8EADABA4C78CD3106D71147321462C5AA085B2979136447B1EC334655A deleted 

Required Privilege Level

superuser, deviceadmin

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