request cluster decommission


Remove a WildFire appliance cluster node from a cluster that has three or more member nodes. Do not use this command to remove a node from a two-node cluster. Instead, Remove a Node from a Cluster Locally using the delete deviceconfig high-availability and delete deviceconfig cluster commands.

Hierarchy Location

request cluster


request { 
cluster { 
decommission { 


show—Display the status of the node decommission job.
start—Begin the node decommission job.
stop—Abort the node decommission job.

Sample Output

The Node mode field confirms that the cluster node decommission worked because the mode is stand_alone instead of controller or worker.
admin@wf-500> show cluster membership 
Service Summary:  wfpc signature 
Cluster name: 
Host name:        wf-500 
Node name:        wfpc-009707000xxx-internal 
Serial number:    009707000xxx 
Node mode:        stand_alone 
Server role:      True 
HA priority: 
Last changed:     Wed, 15 Feb 2017 00:05:11 -0800 
Services:         wfcore signature wfpc infra 
Monitor status: 
                  Serf Health Status: passing 
                      Agent alive and reachable 
Application status: 
                  wildfire-apps-service: Ready 
                  global-db-service: ReadyStandalone 
                  global-queue-service: ReadyStandalone 
                  local-db-service: ReadyMaster 

Required Privilege Level

superuser, deviceadmin

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