request system raid


Use this option to manage the RAID pairs installed in the WildFire appliance. The WF-500 appliance ships with four drives in the first four drive bays (A1, A2, B1, B2). Drives A1 and A2 are a RAID 1 pair and drives B1 and B2 are a second RAID 1 pair.

Hierarchy Location

request system


raid { 
      remove <value>; 
      copy { 
        from <value>; 
        to <value>; 
      add { 


> add—Add a drive into the corresponding RAID Disk Pair
> copy—Copy and migrate from one drive to other drive in the bay
> remove—Drive to remove from RAID Disk Pair

Sample Output

The following output shows a WF-500 appliance with a correctly configured RAID.
admin@WF-500> show system raid 
Disk Pair A                           Available 
   Disk id A1                           Present 
   Disk id A2                           Present 
Disk Pair B                           Available 
   Disk id B1                           Present 
   Disk id B2                           Present 

Required Privilege Level

superuser, deviceadmin

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