test wildfire registration


Performs a test to check the registration status of a WildFire appliance or Palo Alto Networks firewall to a WildFire server. If the test is successful, the IP address or server name of the WildFire server is displayed. A successful registration is required before a WildFire appliance or firewall can forward files to the WildFire server.


test { 
wildfire { 


No additional options.

Sample Output

The following shows a successful output on a firewall that can communicate with a WildFire appliance. If this is a WildFire appliance pointing to the Palo Alto Networks WildFire cloud, the server name of one of the cloud servers is displayed in the select the best server: field.
Testing wildfire Public Cloud 
        wildfire registration:         successful 
        download server list:          successful 
        select the best server:        ca-s1.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com 

Required Privilege Level

superuser, superreader

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