WildFire Appliance Command Option Symbols

The symbol preceding an option can provide additional information about command syntax.
This option is required.
There are additional nested options for this command.
There are additional command options for this command at this level.
There is an option to specify an “except value” or a “match value” to restrict the command.
“ “
Although the double quote is not a command option symbol, it must be used when entering multi-word phrases in CLI commands. For example, to create an address group named Test Group and to add the user named user1 to this group, you must surround the group name with double quotes as follows:
set address-group “Test Group” user1.
If you do not put a double quote surrounding the group name, the CLI would interpret the word Test as the group name and Group as the username and the following error wold be displayed: test is not a valid name.
A single quote would also be invalid in this example.
The following examples show how these symbols are used.
Example: In the following command, the keyword from is required:
username@hostname> scp import configuration ? 
+ remote-port   SSH port number on remote host 
* from          Source (username@host:path) 
username@hostname> scp import configuration 
Example: This command output shows options designated with + and >. 
username@hostname# set rulebase security rules rule1 ? 
+ action               action              
+ application          application         
+ destination          destination         
+ disabled             disabled            
+ from                 from                
+ log-end              log-end             
+ log-setting          log-setting         
+ log-start            log-start           
+ negate-destination   negate-destination  
+ negate-source        negate-source       
+ schedule             schedule            
+ service              service             
+ source               source              
+ to                   to                  
> profiles             profiles            
  <Enter>              Finish input        
username@hostname# set rulebase security rules rule1
Each option listed with + can be added to the command.
The profiles keyword (with >) has additional options:
username@hostname# set rulebase security rules rule1 profiles ? 
+ virus           Help string for virus          
+ spyware         Help string for spyware        
+ vulnerability   Help string for vulnerability  
+ group           Help string for group          
  <Enter>         Finish input                   
username@hostname# set rulebase security rules rule1 profiles

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