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Configure a Cluster Centrally on Panorama

Before you configure a WildFire appliance cluster on a Panorama M-Series or virtual appliance, have two WildFire appliances available to configure as a high availability controller node pair and any additional WildFire appliances needed to serve as worker nodes to increase the analysis, storage capacity, and resiliency of the cluster.
If the WildFire appliances are new, check Get Started with WildFire to ensure that you complete basic steps such as confirming your WildFire license is active, enabling logging, connecting firewalls to WildFire appliances, and configuring basic WildFire features.
To create WildFire appliance clusters, you must upgrade all of the WildFire appliances that you want to place in a cluster to PAN-OS 8.0.1 or later. If you use Panorama to manage WildFire appliance clusters, Panorama also must run PAN-OS 8.0.1 or later. On each WildFire appliance that you want to add to a cluster, run
show system info | match version
on the WildFire appliance CLI to ensure that the appliance is running PAN-OS 8.0.1 or later. On each Panorama appliance you use to manage clusters (or standalone appliances),
General Information
Software Version
displays the running software version.
When your WildFire appliances are available, perform the appropriate tasks:
Removing a node from a cluster using Panorama is not supported. Instead, Remove a Node from a Cluster Locally using the local WildFire CLI.

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