End-of-Life (EoL)

Remove a Cluster from Panorama Management

To remove a cluster from Panorama management,
Managed WildFire Clusters
and select the row of the cluster you want to remove (do not click the cluster name) and
Remove From Panorama
If you remove a WildFire appliance cluster from Panorama management, the Panorama web interface places the WildFire appliances in that cluster into read-only mode. Although the WildFire appliances in the removed cluster display in the Panorama web interface, when in read-only mode, you can’t push configurations to the WildFire appliances or manage them with Panorama. After being removed from Panorama management, the WildFire appliance cluster members use the local cluster configuration and you can manage the cluster using the local CLI.
To manage the WildFire appliances in the cluster with Panorama after you remove the cluster from Panorama management, import the cluster back into Panorama (
Managed WildFire Clusters
Import Cluster Config
  1. Select the cluster’s controller node. The cluster name populates
  2. Click
    . The cluster backup controller node and worker nodes populate automatically.
  3. Click
    to import the cluster.
  4. Commit
    the changes.

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