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View WildFire Cluster Status Using Panorama

To confirm that a configured WildFire appliance cluster is operating correctly, you can view the current status using the Panorama appliance.
Palo Alto Networks recommends using the WildFire appliance CLI to verify the status of your WildFire cluster. Additional status details that are not visible from Panorama are displayed in the command output.
  1. On the primary Panorama appliance, select
    Panorama > Managed WildFire Clusters
  2. In the
    Cluster Status
    column, verify that:
    1. The wfpc and signature services are running.
    2. No other operations are present. Abnormal operations and their status conditions include:
      • Decommission [requested / ongoing / denied / success / fail]
      • Suspend [requested / ongoing / denied / success / fail]
      • Reboot [requested / ongoing / denied / success / fail]
      • Cluster [offline / splitbrain / unready]
      • Service [suspended / none]
      • HA [peer-offline / cfg-not-sync / cfg-sync-off]
  3. In the
    Config Status
    column, verify that:
    1. The appliance configuration is
      In Sync
      with the configuration stored on the Panorama appliance.
    2. No other status is present. Abnormal status conditions include:
      • Out of Sync
        [The appliance configuration is not in sync with its saved configuration on Panorama. You can mouse over the magnifying glass to display the cause of the sync failure].
  4. In the
    column, verify that the configured WildFire appliances show a status of

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