Determine if the WildFire Cluster is in a Split-Brain Condition

When the appliances in a WildFire 2-node cluster enter a split-brain condition, the service failure(s) generate warnings in the WildFire CLI and managing Panorama (where available).
  1. (WildFire appliance CLI only) On a WildFire appliance controller, run:
    admin@WF-500>show cluster membership
    The affected WildFire cluster node displays Cluster:splitbrain next to Service Summary.
    The following example shows a node in a 2-node WildFire cluster in a split-brain condition:
    Service Summary:  Cluster:splitbrain
    Cluster name:     WF_Cluster_1
    Host name:        wf1
    Node name:        wfpc-009707000380-internal
    Serial number:    009707000380
    Node mode:        controller
    Server role:      True
    HA priority:      secondary
    Last changed:     Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:13:18 -0700
    Services:         wfcore signature wfpc infra
    Monitor status:
                      Serf Health Status: passing
                          Agent alive and reachable
                      Service 'infra' check: passing
    Application status:
                      global-db-service: ReadyLeader
                      wildfire-apps-service: Ready
                      global-queue-service: ReadyLeader
                      wildfire-management-service: Done
                      siggen-db: ReadyMaster
    Work queue status:
                      sample anaysis queued: 0
                      sample anaysis running: 0
                      sample copy queued: 0
                      sample copy running: 0
    Diag report:
             reported leader '', age 0.
             local node passed sanity check.
  2. (Panorama only) On the Panorama appliance that is managing the WildFire cluster:
    1. Select Panorama > Managed WildFire Clusters.
    2. In the Cluster Status column, check for the presence of cluster [splitbrain]. This indicates that the appliance is in split-brain mode.

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