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WildFire File Type Support

The following table lists the file types that are supported for analysis in the WildFire cloud environments.
File Types Supported for Analysis
WildFire Global Cloud
WildFire Europe Cloud
WildFire Japan Cloud
WildFire Singapore Cloud
WildFire Private Cloud (WildFire appliance)
Links contained in emails
Android application package (APK) files
Adobe Flash files
Java Archive (JAR) files
Microsoft Office files
Portable executable (PE) files
Portable document format (PDF) files
Mac OS X files
Linux (ELF) files
Archive (RAR and 7-Zip) files
Looking for more?
  • For details on each WildFire cloud analysis environment, see WildFire Deployments.
  • For details about each file type supported for WildFire analysis, see File Analysis.

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