Get a WildFire Analysis Report (WildFire API)

Use this resource to get a WildFire Analysis report for a specified sample hash value.
Because sample analysis normally takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, if you Submit Files and Links through the WildFire API, you should wait at least 5 minutes before you request a WildFire Analysis Report or Get a WildFire Verdict (WildFire API) on that submission.



Request Parameters

Use the following form parameters when requesting a WildFire Analysis report:
) API key
apikey=<API KEY>
) MD5 or SHA-256 hash value of the sample
hash=afe6b95ad95bc689c356f34ec8d9094 c495e4af57c932ac413b65ef132063acc
Report format
Acceptable values:
  • xml
  • pdf

Example Request

Make a POST request to the
resource and include the API key, the MD5 or SHA-256 hash value of the sample, and optionally include the platform, similar to the following cURL command:
curl -JO -F 'apikey=<API KEY>' -F 'hash=04f4f1c83f1e69b1f055202964536f13' -F 'format=xml' ''
The response saves the WildFire analysis report in either XML or PDF format. When requesting a PDF, the response uses a
Here is an example XML report:
<wildfire> <version>2.0</version> <file_info> <malware>yes</malware> <sha1>828f02e6ca4bcf6c30264137f758fbe20dd866db</sha1> <filetype>PE</filetype> <sha256>ca007e3b395688f5f3062729978dcdbadc90d9c3501d9a89c139d11c58d2a15e</sha256> <md5>04f4f1c83f1e69b1f055202964536f13</md5> <size>796268</size> </file_info> <task_info> <report> <version>3.0</version> <platform>204</platform> <software>PE Static Analyzer</software> <sha256>ca007e3b395688f5f3062729978dcdbadc90d9c3501d9a89c139d11c58d2a15e</sha256> <md5>04f4f1c83f1e69b1f055202964536f13</md5> <malware>no</malware> <summary> <entry details="Entropy is a measurement of the randomness in data. Overlays with high entropy indicate encoded or encrypted data." id="3030" score="0.0">Contains overlay data with high entropy</entry> <entry details="Sections with a large discrepancy between raw and virtual sizes may indicate a packed or obfuscated PE file." id="3013" score="0.0">Contains sections with size discrepancies</entry> <entry details="Thread-local storage (TLS) is normally used to manage data in multithreaded applications. However, it can also allow execution of code outside of the expected entry point of a PE file." id="3019" score="0.0">Contains a TLS section</entry> <entry details="The PE file checksum is required for drivers, boot-time DLLs, and other DLLs loaded into secure system processes. Malware often ignores this value or sets it to zero." id="3015" score="0.0">Contains an invalid checksum</entry> <entry details="Overlay data is extra data appended to the end of a PE image. Many legitimate files, including all files that are digitally signed, contain overlay data. However, malware often uses overlays to embed encoded or encrypted data as well." id="3029" score="0.0">Contains overlay data</entry> <entry details="Standard section names are defined by the compiler. Non-standard section names may indicate a packed or obfuscated PE file." id="3003" score="0.0">Contains non-standard section names</entry> <entry details="Sections with zero size indicate a packed or obfuscated PE file." id="3036" score="0.0">Contains sections with zero size</entry> </summary> </report> <!-- TRUNCATED RESPONSE --> </task_info> </wildfire>

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