Use an External Dynamic List in a URL Filtering Profile

Add an external dynamic list to a URL Filtering profile or policy to specify sites you want to exclude from URL category policy enforcement.
Where can I use this?
What do I need?
  • Prisma Access
  • PAN-OS
  • Advanced URL Filtering license
    For Prisma Access, this is usually included with your Prisma Access license.
An external dynamic list is a text file that is hosted on an external web server. You can use this list to import URLs and enforce policy on these URLs. The firewall dynamically imports the list at the configured interval and enforces policy for the URLs (IP addresses or domains are ignored) in the list. When the list is updated on the web server, the firewall retrieves the changes and applies policy to the modified list without requiring a commit on the firewall.
To protect your network from newly-discovered threats and malware, you can use external dynamic lists in URL Filtering profiles. For URL formatting guidelines, see Guidelines for URL Category Exceptions.

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