Rate Limits and Points Allotment

The following table provides rate limits and point allotment.
Rate Limit Type
Limit per Second
Each license can make 60 concurrent calls per second. After 60 concurrent calls, the AutoFocus API queues up to 200 additional calls. The API then processes 60 calls from the queue every second.
Limit per Minute
Each regular or unlimited license can use up to 200 points per minute.
Limit per Day
Each license can use up to 5,000 points per day. The daily points you are alloted depend on how many users are on your license. For example, if you have two users on your license, multiply the 5,000 point limit by two (5,000 x 2 = 10,000 point daily limit).
Accounts with an
unlimited license
can use up to 100,000 points per day.
Users on the same license collectively share rate limits applicable to that license.

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