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Autonomous DEM

If you are using the Strata Cloud Manager user interface, see the AI-Powered ADEM Administrator's Guide.
Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) is a service that provides native, end-to-end visibility and performance metrics for real application traffic in your Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) environment. Autonomous DEM functionality is natively integrated into the
app, Prisma SD-WAN device, and Prisma Access and therefore does not require you to deploy any additional appliances or agents. Because of this native integration, the ADEM service enables synthetic tests for applications you specify, from the endpoint, from the Prisma SD-WAN device, and from deployed Prisma Access locations in your environment. ADEM continuously monitors all the segments from the endpoint to the application for GlobalProtect mobile users and monitors all segments on all WAN paths (active and backup) for Prisma SD-WAN remote sites and identifies baseline metrics for each monitored application. In addition, ADEM provides visibility into any deviations or events that degrade the user experience across each segment between the end user and the application, whether it’s the endpoint, WiFi, LAN, ISP, Prisma Access, or the application (SaaS, IaaS, or data center). ADEM continuously monitors every segment in the service delivery path and provides insights that help you quickly isolate the segment which is causing digital experience problems and simplify remediation.

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