: Synthetics for an Application

Synthetics for an Application

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Synthetics for an Application

If you are using the Strata Cloud Manager user interface, see the AI-Powered ADEM Administrator's Guide.
The widgets that display under
show you the application metrics across the organization for the selected app. If you have the Zoom QSS integration with ADEM enabled, you can see the Zoom performance data in the
Zoom Data
tab. For details on the Zoom Data tab, see Zoom Performance Analysis for an Application

Experience Score Cards

Select the
Mobile User Experience
card to see only the Mobile User related data displayed in the widgets underneath. Likewise, clicking the
Remote Site Experience
card displays data specific to Remote Sites only in the widgets that follow.
The number enclosed in the rectangle is the Experience Score, which is a weighted average of end-to-end application performance metrics for all monitored applications across all users or remote sites. A fair or poor experience score lets you know right away that there are performance issues impacting a large number of your users or remote sites. However, because the experience score is weighted, it may not uncover performance issues in monitored apps or locations that have a smaller number of users.
The experience score will also give you an indication of the overall digital experience for the user. For each application that is monitored per mobile user, ADEM calculates a score based on the 5 critical metrics - application availability, DNS resolution time, TCP connect time, SSL connect time, and the HTTP latency. If the application fails the availability test (application is unavailable), then the experience score is 0. If the application is reachable, only then the remaining four metrics will be calculated. Each of the above metrics (other than application reachability) have a different weightage and baselined lower and upper thresholds, and their combined weightage equals 100. The sum of these individual metric scores determines the application experience score for a user. An average of all the test sample results for each application determines the experience score of a user.
Monitored Applications
graph is color coded to show you the number of applications that have Good (green), Fair (yellow), and Poor (red) experience scores. An application experience score >= 70 is Good, 69-30 is Fair, and below 30 is Poor.

Application Experience Score Trend

This widget shows the digital experience trend across the network for a specific app and allows you to pinpoint when the digital experience began to degrade. You can visually see how this app is performing compared to the rest of the apps in the organization.
It displays a graphical representation of the application experience scores with a trend line for the selected
Time Range
. The y-axis is color coded to show you what category your experience score fell into at any given time in the selected
Time Range
. Hover your mouse cursor over the trend line to see the experience score at the exact time where your cursor is placed.

Experience Score Across Network

This widget gives you a sense of the distribution of app performance across all monitored apps, users, and remote sites and lets you drill-down into specific apps or sites that are performing poorly.
You can see what segment of the network might be causing issues within your organization from the endpoints and Prisma SD-WAN remote sites all the way to the application. You can see what issues—such as an ISP or compute location outage or a SaaS app outage—is impacting digital experience within your organization.

Global Distribution of Application Experience Scores

The map view in this widget shows you the application experience of Prisma Access Locations based on the total number of Mobile Users and applications monitored or the total number of Remote Sites and applications monitored on a specific Prisma Access Location on the map.
The Prisma Access locations are marked with circles that are color coded to represent the status of application segment scores of all monitored mobile users and remote sites connected to the specific Prisma Access Location where the circle appears. Hover your mouse cursor over a circle to see the experience scores for the location, as well as the total number of Mobile User Devices or Remote Sites monitored and the total number of apps that are monitored on them.
Click on the number next to the
Total Mobile User Devices
Total Remote Sites
to open the
Monitored Mobile Users
dashboard or the
Monitored Remote Sites
dashboard respectively. From these dashboards, you can drill down into the individual mobile user or remote site to view the data on them. Clicking on the number next to the
Total Apps
opens the
dashboard where you can see the detailed metrics for the apps that are being monitored in the region.

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